FN P90 for sale


                                                                                                         FN P90 

    When you take a sedate FN PS90 and convert it back to how it was intended,

    complete with a 7.3-inch barrel and giggle switch, it becomes a lot more fun at the range.
    CALIBER: 5.7x28mm
    OPERATION: Closed-bolt blowback
    MAG CAPACITY: 50 Rd.
    WEIGHT: 5.8 lb.
    BARREL LENGTH: 10.39”
    OVERALL LENGTH: 19.88”
    TWIST RATE: 1:9″ RH

                                                                                                             FN P90 

    FN P90 machine gun, 5.7x28mm caliber. This FN P90 is the “P90TR” model, which has a tactical rail and a fire control group that is set to “safe, semi, full-auto. One (1) 50rd P90 5.7mm magazine will be included with this machine pistol. The NFRTR refers to this machine gun as “P90TR.”

    Armor-piercing ammunition FN 5.7x28mm SS190. This item is extremely uncommon and is no longer for sale.