Bowtech RECKONING 35 ROTATING MOD 26-31 inches


  Bowtech RECKONING 35 ROTATING MOD 26-31 inches

Cam Drive offers the ability to quickly and easily adjust the string path and put the energy directly behind the arrow, without the need of a bow press. An evolution of the OverDrive Binary Cam system, Cam Drive features a patented adjustment system which, with the simple turn of a screw, adjusts the cams left or right to perfect the string path, then locks down for accuracy that is precise for life.


Axle to axle – 35″

Brace Height – 7″

IBO Speed – 335 FPS

Draw Length – 26 – 31″

Draw Weight – 50, 60, 70 LBS

Mass Weight – 4.5 LBS

Consumer expectations for precision are met by the Bowtech RECKONING 35 ROTATING MOD 26-31 inches compound bow. This top-of-the-line compound bow is designed to serve as a “crossover” product. This compound bow for target shooting can be used for target shooting and 3D shooting, as well as bowhunting (with a longer axle option).

Bowtech RECKONING 35 ROTATING MODEL SPECIFICATIONS Between 26 and 31 inches Bow with a Compound Bow:

Length of draw: 26 to 31 inches

50-60 pound draw weight

335 fps (367.58 km/h) IBO speed

35 inches from axle to axle (88.9 cm)