Topic: Norinco SKS TAPCO

Norinco & Yugoslavian Variants

With a hardwood stock and rifle handle, the SKS features a traditional design.

The gas pressure exerted by the gas against the SKS’s gas piston rod and spring-loaded bolt carrier triggers the weapon’s action. It also includes a locking system with a “tilting bolt” movement.

Compared to semi-automatic rifles like the Soviet SVT-40, the SKS is smaller and less potent. However, compared to the AK-series rifles that replaced it, the SKS has a 4-inch longer barrel, which results in a somewhat higher muzzle velocity.

The ten-round box magazine of the SKS is fed by a stripper clip, and ammunition can be withdrawn from the magazine by depressing a magazine catch that is situated front of the trigger guard (thus opening the magazine).

I frequently carried a Norinco SKS into the woods. There weren’t many guns that left an impression on my impressionable mind, but that rifle did, and it has been with me ever since.

The Norinco is simple to shoot, dependable,?

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